About Us

My Name is Carlos Dyers I am the owner and Director of Dragenbit (Pty)Ltd.
Dragenbit was born in our minds a long time ago but could not be brought into the world, the world was not ready for it yet.
However in September 2016 the world was ready and the company was actually brought to life.

I have been playing games for years, since the time when buying a R100 console was expensive when a cartridge use to cost R20 and even that was expensive where saving a R20 was almost near impossible, I grew up playing games like galaga, bomberman, donkey kong, Mario Bros and cartridges could 99999 games on one cartridge. Then it evolved to sega genesis, sega saturn, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and now Xbox one and Playstation 4.

I am always amazed when a new generation console comes out how awesome the gameplay and graphics are, how amazing and massive the worlds have become, how the characters on the old arcade games have become renewed.
Many people may say that gaming is dead but we know gaming is alive and well and growing.

I believe in offering the best possible price I can. When I get a bargain I will pass on the bargain. I am in this to make a living but this company is also my passion, I am not here to be greedy and rob the world.
I will not be opening an online store I am one of those who believe in human interactions, I prefer to interact with my customers personally and someday others who work for me will be doing the same. Even though we wont be an online store we still offer a courier option especially for those you whom are quite a distance from us.

What we offer:
We Sell all games, consoles and accessories. We unable to carry stock of everything but we can special order items for you.
We Sell Computer equipment and software.
Computer software installations (Windows, Office and other)
We sell Printers and toner or inkjet cartridges.
We will also Sell Comic books and graphic Novels (This Division has started moving and will be up and running soon)

My vision:
I want to bring gaming back to the days when you have a face off with someone you are actually in the same room with that person. While online is awesome you can play with people around the world but what about having a insulting chat afterwards or how about playing with that friend and giving them a chance to play the game or you struggle with a part of the game and your buddy takes over and does that part for you or when you have a puzzle you cannot figure out you combine brains and solve the mystery.
What I would like to do one day is get people together have face to face tournaments, have a meet and game trade session.
To grow this company and open multiple stores all across South Africa.
This can only be done with you and your support.

Thank you for joining us on our website, thank you for your support and please do visit again.
Be Blessed and Be A Blessing

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