Action Comics Special Edition No.858 R50.00
Acts of Vengeance! Damage Control No.3 R30.00
All New X-men R40.00
Allegra No.1 R30.00
Aquaman No.5 R30.00
Backlash No.18 R30.00
Backlash No.23 R30.00
Batman Beyond No.5 R30.00
Batman No.5 R40.00
Big Brusers No.1 R30.00
Blackops No.5 R30.00
Bloodstrike No.3 R25.00
Brass No.2 R30.00
Cable No.1 R50.00
Captain America No.1 R50.00
City of Heroes No.10 R30.00
Civil War No.1 R50.00
COPS Final issue No.14 R30.00
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe R300.00
Deathwatch 2000 No.16 R30.00
Dragonblade R30.00
Fourth World No.13 R40.00
Ghost Rider No.80 R50.00
Green Latern No.140 R20.00 (Bad Condition)
Ibots No.2 R25.00
Ibots No.6 R25.00
Legion of Superheroes No.5 R40.00
Legionnaires No.22 R30.00
Megalith No.8 R30.00
Megaton Man No.3 R30.00
Mike Danger No.8 R30.00
Monster Hunters Volume 1 R50.00
Mr. Hero The Newmatic Mand No.14 R30.00
Namor The Sub- Mariner No.3 R100.00
Newcomers Showcase No.5 R20.00
Pork Knight This Little Piggy Book One R20.00
Primortals Origins #2 R40.00
Robin 1 of 5 R50.00
Robotech The New Generation No.20 R50.00
Rune vs. Venom No.1 R50.00
Scarlet Spider No.2 R30.00
Secret Origins No.25 R30.00
Shadowhawk No.2 R30.00
Solar Man of the Atom No.14 R30.00
Spider-man No.32 R50.00
Spider-man No.63 R40.00
Spider-man No.7 R40.00
Spider-man No.73 R40.00
Spider-man No.78 R40.00
Spider-man The Parker Years No.1 R100.00
Star Wars Legacy No.1 R50.00
Stormwatch No.35 R25.00
Strikeback No.1 R30.00
Superman the comic book No.7 R30.00
Superman the man of Steel No.2 R30.00
Supreme No.4 R30.00
Sword of Democles No.2 R30.00
Teamone WildC.A.T.S No.1 R30.00
Teknophage No.7 R30.00
The Adventures of Jack Parow No.1 R100.00
The Adventures of Superman No.454 R35.00
The Alien Legion No.4 R40.00
The Amazing Spiderman No.381 R40.00
The Amazing Spider-man No.391 R30.00
The Amazing Spider-man No.402 R40.00
The Amazing Spider-man No.62 R50.00
The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics R400.00
The Flash No.115 R40.00
The Incredible Hulk No.3 R40.00
The Man U.N.C.L.E No.5 R30.00
The Savage Dragon No.3 R30.00
The Secret Defenders No.9 R40.00
The Silver Surfer Warlock Resurrection No.2 R50.00
The Spectacular Scarlet Spider No.1 R50.00
Thor for Asgard 3 of 6 R40.00
Transformers No.8 R50.00
Union No.8 R30.00
Wanted Dead or Alive Nazrat No.5 R20.00
Warlock and the infinity watch No.8 R40.00
Wetworks No.15 R25.00
WildC.A.T.S No.18 R30.00
Wildstorm No.2 R30.00
Wolverine Old Man Logan R300.00
Xander In Lost Universe No.3 R30.00
Xforce No.27 R30.00
X-men No.24 R40.00