For some good Quality Baked goods contact Mr. Fury , You may ask the question is this Nick Fury? The answer would be you never know! Check out the info below , then you can decide.

“I started baking as a means to stay calm, my passion has since evolved into a patisserie art form.  I love being in the kitchen coming up with new ideas and watching it come to fruition. The idea for Mr. Fury sprung one day as I started getting more and more requests for baked goods. Soon I was faced with a dilemma, either turn this into something viable, or continue working yourself into the ground. The choice was simple. Awesome desserts, made from scratch, using the freshest fruit and dairy, as well as primo ingredients. Never waiver, never compromise, never substitute. Let this be the pinnacle of baking excellence. Yes, they may seem pricey, but once you taste how spectacular it is, you’ll find yourself wanting more no matter the cost.” – Dean J Fury (Owner, Baker, Patissiere, Husband, Father, Gamer).

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Mr. Fury

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